Fundación Contra el Hambre — República Dominicana

This webmaster cannot attest to much about Fundación Contra el Hambre, but I was there in August 2012 and can tell you that they are located at Ramón Santana 43 in Zona Universitaria, Santo Domingo. I met the staff working in the office and can offer some photos of the building. Any further info should be obtained from the main website at

If you choose to donate, you can obtain a cheque in pesos by exchanging U.S. dollars or euros (cash or travelers cheques) at any branch of Banco Popular. They will buy the foreign currency and make the payment to you in pesos in the form of cash or a bank cheque, called a cheque de administración payable to whomever you specify. Bring your passport for ID even if you are using cash. The bank charges a fee for the cheque.

A.D.N. stands for Ayuntamiento del Distrito National i.e. the municipal government for the capital city.